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CANCOM SE acquires Aachen based synaix GmbH

22.06.2017 (German)

Aachen 2025 - Digital transformation experience
Hexagon AB acquires Aachen based Apodius GmbH

01.09.2016 (German)

Ehrhardt+Partner invests in topsystem Systemhaus GmbH

18.01.2016 (German)

i8T addTec GmbH acquires INNOCAST GmbH
Aachen 2025 - Digital Future

19.11.2015 (German)

10 years AC² - Aachen business plan competition
3rd award winner at AC² 2015 (Aachen Business Plan Contest)

11.06.2015 AC² (German)

2nd award winner at AC² 2014 (Aachen Business Plan Contest)

12.05.2014 AC² (German)

Press cutting: Lack of IT personnel

10.10.2013 AZ (German)

6th "Nacht der Unternehmen", Aachen

23.09.2013 AN  (German)

Press cutting: Entrepreneur succession Netronic

10.07.2013 AN  (German)

1st and 2nd award winner at AC² 2013 (Aachen Business Plan Contest)

07.06.2013 AC² (German)

Alabon co-invests at nokra GmbH

25.09.2012 (German)

Press cutting: "5x5" - top IT personnel for Aachen

24.09.2012 AZ (German)

Alabon represented DASGIP AG in its sale to Eppendorf AG
100% sale of ICT to Fujitsu

12.04.2011 (German)

Alabon finances MBI at NETRONIC
Alabon co-invests at Fritz Ruck GmbH

25.02.2011 (German)

Innovation award for DASGIP AG
Aspera sold to USU Software GmbH

01.07.2010 (German)

Grenzebach invests in inos GmbH

05.05.2010 (German)

1st and 2nd award winner at AC² 2009 (Aachen Business Plan Contest)

05.05.2009 AC² (German)

Co-Investor at MFT, Mechernich

05.05.2009 MFT (German)

Awards at AC² 2008 (Aachen Business Plan Contest)
Presentation on European Venture Market 2008
Parsytec M&A transaction
Aplagen financing round
Press cutting Chamber of Commerce Aachen